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Test sessions for Amateur Radio Licenses
are now being offered by our Volunteer Examiners.

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Emergency Communications System being developed by club members --
demonstrated at FLRES Club meeting.

Video and telephone communications via ham-based WiFi style network, with all equipment mounted on a plywood base with weatherproof WiFi router package. Easily transported, easily set up almost anywhere. PBX-type telephone switching and video at the same time!

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A big "thank you" to all who helped out with the 5K Run
on New Year's Day morning - it was an interesting experience
operating on the OEM channel instead of the ham band, although
the Ham channel provided excellent 'alternate' coordination!
Almost everyone takes photos of the Winner of a race --
but here's a photo of the LAST runner and the followup car!

First runners show up

A check-point with radio car!

Runners as far as you can see...

W2TTT weatherized for the occaision

Top photo by Jim W2JC; Bottom four photos by Gordon W2TTT
December 2012:

Replacing 2 meter antenna with 2m/440MHz dual band antenna at Fair Lawn OEM headquarters

From left to right:

Frank, K2HL,
Stew N1STU
and lift operator

To see a video of the ARIIS satellite contact go to:

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